My approach

Somatic therapy is a relational modality that is informed by the body's innate intelligence and plasticity (capacity to grow and change). My approach to therapy begins with growing a relational foundation of trust, while incorporating body-based somatic-emotional exercises that gradually support a person from engaging in unconscious behaviors and patterns, to consciously exploring different possibilities. 

My experience as a telehealth somatic therapist has been that folks often reap enormous benefits from meeting with me from their chosen environments. From my perspective, the screen is not a barrier - if anything, it can be a supportive boundary. Click here to learn more about my areas of specialty. 

My practice is not about changing who you are, but in supporting you with growing a relationship to who you already are. Your body (you) is our best teacher and I am excited about the possibilities we can grow together. 

Individual Therapy

A relationship with yourself is one that you will have for your entire life - why not make it a satisfying one? 

We are often socialized to seek answers, knowledge or permission from the outside, whether that consists of a family member, an authority figure, or a value system. What possibilities are available to a person, when they practice referencing from their own experience first? For some, this might look like forming an ability to shape and maintain boundaries, or an increased sense of agency, confidence, and self-worth.

I welcome all individuals and support adults and adolescents for weekly, remote sessions. I am queer, gender, and poly-affirming. 

Couples Therapy

Our primary relationships can greatly influence how we shape our physical and emotional selves, as well as how we show up in the world. 

Relationships also offer some of the most rich and rewarding training grounds, where we have opportunities to learn or unlearn patterns we may not have questioned in ourselves. Often, this process can be challenging or even painful, without the support of a therapist who can see and work with the pattern that individuals are co-creating together. I encourage you to reach out to me so we can discuss what is showing up for you and how I can help. 

I welcome all relationship configurations and frequently support queer, nonbinary, and/or polyamorous couples and parents.

A world of possibilities is already in your hands... are you ready to receive it?

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